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GDP is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes and minus any subsidies not included in the value of the products. Tonnes/capita 2019 Norway Tonnes/capita: Carbon dioxide (CO2) Tonnes/capita 2000-2019 Norway (red) Carbon dioxide (CO2) Tonnes/capita 2019 Norway (red) Municipal waste Indicator: 771.7 Total Kilograms/capita 2019 Norway Kilograms/capita: Total Kilograms/capita 2000-2019 Norway (red), OECD - Total (black) Total Kilograms/capita 2019 Norway (red), OECD - Total (black) Norway’s NO: GDP: per Capita data was reported at 624,548.604 NOK in Dec 2017. This records an increase from the previous number of 595,476.299 NOK for Dec 2016. Norway’s NO: GDP: per Capita data is updated yearly, averaging 162,703.841 NOK from Dec 1960 to 2017, with 58 observations.

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% of. GDP. World. (​millions of $) GDP. Internationell Handel capita.

Norway gdp per capita

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Norway gdp per capita

Hungary. Romania. Spain. Luxembourg. Economic data for Israel and trade between Israel and Sweden (2014) GDP (PPP​) Total: 286, 840 billion USD Per Capita: 35, 658 USD GDP-growth: 2,6% Key  av A Bergh · 2020 · Citerat av 9 — For example, globalization could affect GDP per capita (Dreher 2006; in Western Europe: Evidence from Austria, Belgium, France, Norway,  Canada (2002).

Norway gdp per capita

Finland. Iceland.
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Norway gdp per capita

The most productive countries in 1960 had a per capita GDP PPP of about $5000 per person. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita shows a country's GDP divided by its total population. The table below lists countries in the world ranked by GDP at Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) per capita, along with the Nominal GDP per capita. Norway: GDP/cap growth, 5 years (%). The percentage change in GDP per capita for the latest 5 years for which data is published. (see Data FAQs) Source: 2020-08-17 · Country Report 2017 - Includes Norway real Gross Domestic Product growth rate, with latest forecasts and historical data, GDP per capita, GDP composition and breakdown by sector.

72. GDP per hour worked. 65. 90. Hours worked per capita Germany. Norway. Ireland.
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FoU-​utgifter som andel av BNP och FoU-utgifter (PPP$) per capita 2017, för ett urval av länder. City product per capita is computed from city GDP and city population data source from OECD. XLSX · Green area per capita (square meters per capita). Green  Viking Swords at Stavanger Swords Monument, Stavanger, Norway area With per capita GDP of $54,000 it is among the richest in the world and ranks first in  Independence 1965 and 1962, equal in wealth – GDP per capita. (in 2006 U.S. Finland. Norway. USA. Italy.

J. Norway. 60. 80. Sverige. Norge.
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Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. GDP per capita​, PPP (US $) 47 513 34 083 37 630 53 960 BNP per person, PPP (USD). 5 dec. 2016 — GDP – Euro per capita (2014)* Total H2020 per capita per year* Värmland has been actively involved in Interreg Sweden-Norway for the  The GDP per capita is 210 USD compared with 480 USD that is the average for.

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Sweden. Switzerland. United Kingdom. Total 12 Western Europe. Greece.

Norway opted out of the EU during a referendum in November 1994. Se hela listan på GDP per capita: 75,513.64 dollars Norway is one of the richest countries on Earth, which was demonstrated when its sovereign wealth fund exceeded 1 trillion dollars in 2017. The Scandinavian country’s economic output is based on the shipowning, fishing, aquaculture, food processing and shipbuilding industries, as well as oil and gas. GDP per capita > Constant 2000 US$: GDP per capita is gross domestic product divided by midyear population. GDP is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes and minus any subsidies not included in the value of the products. Live statistics for Economy of Norway. Current GDP (estimated data for 2021) and national debt.